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€125,- KORTING! Alleen deze maand

4.8 / 5

€125,- KORTING!

Alleen deze maand

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Rijschool Driver Company
De La Reyweg 474
2571 GL Den Haag

contact +31617661000
mail @ drivercompany.nl
web https://drivercompany.nl

KvK nummer 27338104
CBR rijschool nummer 5252A1

Rabobank NL87 RABO 0154 0355 56

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I’m from the Philippines and I live in Den Haag😉 I passed in my first try 👍 I highly recommended Driver’s Company because all the instructors are very good, nice and friendly 😁 they will teach you everything you need to learn to pass the exam 👍 the scheduling of lessons are preferable to your time and adjustable 👍 they fixed my exam 4 months earlier and I got it in First Try 👍😁


Super rijschool! Instructeur heeft de juiste kennis en geduld tijdens het les geven! Ga zo door!!

Aviii S 25/11/2018

Ik ben zo blij en wil mijn rijinstructeur bedanken omdat hij mij echt goed rijles heeft gegeven en vandaag 22 februari heb ik mijn rijbewijs in 1 keer gehaald! Dankje dankje dankjewel!!!!


Yesss I got the License Today 30/3/2023 ✅. I want to thank my instructor for helping me to go true this whole process. It took a while but was the waiting and struggling more then 100x word it. I came here as an complete newbie and got my license in the pocketsss. It's all good now. I want to thank Driving school Den Haag especially Jimmy my instructor again. I will recommend Driver Company to all my friends and colleagues. My learning proces was build up from easy to super hard with driving lessons in the centre of Den Haag Delft and Rijswijk and also motorways. Scheduling driving lessons was also simple without difficulties. Yes I can Drive Now! 😂


In 1x geslaagd super goeie rijschool neemt zijn tijd om de situaties uit te leggen. Ik zou iedereen adviseren op de website te kijken. Ook de theorie was super leerzaam


Hoppa! In 1 x me rijbewijs gehaald. Ik adviseer iedereen om zich aan te melden! IK KAN NIET MEER ZAKKEN 🤪🤪🤪🤪 want IK BEN GESLAAGD 🤭


Drivers’ company has been a pleasure to drive with. I’m living in Den Haag where it is challenging to drive and book an exam quickly. With my driving instructors Venita and Ashvin I was able to reach my full potential and pass the driving exam. They were very honest, detailed and give great techniques which you can use in practicality everyday while you are driving. They are very attentive to your specific needs and are able to book in lessons last minute if necessary. After so many bad driving schools in the past I am very happy I made the decision to go to Drivers school. I would highly suggest whether you are a new or experienced driver to try them out. Thanks again 😄

Vic S 21/07/2022
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